BioSNTR server 'Gene', is a 32-core Linux (OpenSUSE 13.1) machine with 1 TB RAM that has been equipped with a 100 TB SAN storage to facilitate processing space for users to run jobs requiring high RAM applications.

SDSU BioSNTR Tier 4 storage is a file server shared through the 10 GB Ethernet. This storage is facilitates BioSNTR researchers ability to store their files through immediate access storage.  BioSNTR Tier 4 storage is backed up to tapes.

OMERO (Open Microscopy Environment Remote Objects) is a client-server software platform for visualizing, managing, and annotating scientific image data. It enables researchers to import and archive images, annotate and tag them, record the experimental protocols, and export images in a number of formats. Click here for more information.