Capable of resolutions nearing 10 nm in three dimensions, PALM and its variations provide unprecedented access to the subcellular organization of molecular complexes. Dr. Steve Smith has recently assembled and tested a PALM imaging system at SDSMT. Dr. Smith and new faculty hires will work to develop new infrastructure for integrated PALM & AFM and other techniques for nanoscale microscopy in the BioSNTR

Location: SDSMT
Contact: Steve Smith


(a) Composite fluorescence image of an unroofed SKMEL cell, composing of cyan fluorescence from Tq2-tagged clathrins and green fluorescence from F-actin filaments immunolabeled with green phalloidin antibodies; (b) composite AFM image comprising of eight individual 10 µm ×10 µm AFM images, and (c) overlaid of fluorescence-AFM images.