The multiphoton microscope is outfitted with a 25X water dipping objective with a numerical aperture of 1.05, 2 mm working distance, and correction collar capable of capturing bright images from deep focal points with a relatively wide field of view.  The high scanning speed of this instrument enables capture of dynamic real time intravital imaging data in living organisms.  Frame rates of 30 fps can be achieved in 512 x 512 pixel fields with a maximum of 438 fps possible in narrower fields of 512 x 32 pixels.  This imaging system is equipped with two infrared wavelength femtosecond pulse lasers (InSight 680-1300 nm, MaiTai 690-1040 nm) enabling high powered multicolor imaging with minimal phototoxicity, photobleaching, or tissue damage.  The additional laser light stimulation SIM scanner supports simultaneous activation and read-out imaging from techniques such as uncaging, photoactivation, or FRAP.

Location: SDSU
Contact: Darci Fink, Sen Subramanian


Median optical section of a soybean root tip (left) and an emerging lateral root (right) expressing fluorescent sensor constructs to localize outputs from two major hormones auxin (green) and cytokinin (red).