In the state of South Dakota, healthcare and agriculture are large and growing business sectors.  Research in bioscience and biotechnology will drive growth and economic development through in high value products and services.  University research and the translational interface created by the research parks has the potential to expand private sector engagement and inspire growth of new companies spawned out of research discoveries, creating new value and job growth in South Dakota.  The BioSystems Networks and Translational Research center (BioSNTR, comprising bioscience research foci primarily at SDSU, USD, SDSMT) and the Research Park at SDSU and the USD Discovery District partnered to engage Dr. Christoph Bausch of Keion Group to facilitate the development of a unified bioscience strategic plan.  The first step of this process was an assessment of the bioscience industry and resource capabilities across the State, alignment of core scientific capabilities in BioSNTR, and definition of strategic target industries.  Affiliated research areas such as precision agriculture, plant biotechnology and translational medicine were acknowledged, but will require additional work to develop a coordinated master plan for execution.  This executive summary provides a high-level snapshot of a large body of amassed data and strategies.  

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